accompagnement-agir-kits alimentairesThanks to the bonuses that the cooperatives receive numerous projects have been created: food-kit distributions, vaccination programmes, financing of schools and after school care centres, track-setting, etc.

PACTS does not simply consist of making simple charitable donations from time to time, it is all about creating support programmes, via specifically created structures and offering financial assistance to farmers and cooperatives to help them become more responsible and independent. The PACTS fermentation and drying centres form a network; the cooperatives are their relays and are responsible for the different project actions created.

An example with the ECAG Cooperative (Entreprise Cooperative A de Gomeneberi)

Since becoming a partner of the PACTS programme in June 2011, the ECAG cooperative has initiated numerous projects. Because of the particularly bad condition of their roads, 36kms of village tracks are being constructed. The cooperative, partly thanks to the support of the Chairman of the Board, N’dri Faustin, also plans to join forces with the Ivorian State to build a new school and canteen, as there is no easy access to a school for the surrounding villages.

Also, via the PACTS bonus, the cooperative wants to create a solidarity credit union so that the farmers do not have to mortgage their farms when they find themselves in financial difficulty. They also have plans for the creation of a health centre, for which the site has already been selected.