Something new for the Ivorian pupils of the ​Mafere region : The schools of Toliesso, Mpossa and Mouassué have received a significant financial help from the PACTS cocoa farmers.

Thanks to the benefits of PACTS cocoa in 2013, the 3 committees of farmers have helped finish the construction ​work of a school,​ and also ​renovate and equip 6 other classrooms.
Nicole Bloukouao, coordinator of the committees has shared with us her enthusiasm: “This year, thanks to a truck and 4 motocycles prefinanced by PACTS, we have made profits which will be useful for the schools of 3 villages. I myself have a child and I am very happy  about the creation of the schools : for me it is​ the basis of development.”PACTS committee of cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast
This success is possible thanks to the efforts of cocoa farmers : after  the split of their cooperatives, the farmers wanted to build a new model :​ more transparent and close to their needs. Helped and monitored by the PACTS teams, they have better organized the collecting​of Cacao Frais and Cacao Select, managed the traceability of the PACTS premium and set up a solid treasury. The good results of the​ PACTS committee attracts​ more and more cocoa farmers, and they are already thinking​ of their future successes:
« We are thinking of the next projects to be​ realized thanks to the cocoa sold to PACTS, like the creation of health dispensaries. », Nicole Bloukouao said.

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