A growing cocoa network

Via the PACTS programme, 18 fermentation and drying centres have been created in the cocoa producing areas of Ivory Coast. By 2015, PACTS have created 32 centres. The PACTS fermentation and drying centres are part of a network that is relayed via the cooperatives to the 16 693 farmers taking part in the programme.

Professional development of the Ivorian cocoa network

Traditionally, Ivorian farmers manage the entire cocoa production process, from the farming to the harvesting and even the fermentation and drying of the cocoa beans. The post harvest process is the most crucial stage in terms of organoleptic quality for the cocoa bean. PACTS has created fermentation centres and trained qualified teams to assist the cocoa cooperatives. The farmer therefore has more time to take care of his plots and the harvest of his beans.

Optimisation of the quality of cocoa

processing cacao beans with farlers and coopératives

Contrary to the traditional system, the farmer has only to manage the harvest and shelling stages of his cocoa. He can then sell his fresh cocoa beans to the cooperative as Cacao Frais.

The 17 PACTS centres are in charge of the natural post harvest process. It respects the ideal conditions necessary for the aromatic development of the cocoa. The personnel manages the fermentation and drying, resulting in a quasi-perfect, quality product.

The social role of the PACTS centres

Via the PACTS programme, the fermentation and drying centres are available for 24 cooperatives. The teams that work in the centres are trained to transmit good farming practices, organisation and mercantile practices to the cooperatives and farmers. A real transmission of know-how that will ensure the farmers of a gain in qualifications and in time, the application of good farming practices.