High quality cocoa beans from PACTS Centres

Discover the journey of our beans, from cocoa plots to PACTS Centres.

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cacao frais

What is Cacao Frais?

Normally Ivorian farmers supply the cooperatives with harvested, fermented and dried cocoa beans. With the Cacao Frais project, all the farmer has to do is harvest and shell his cocoa beans the same day. The PACTS centre personnel then take care of the fermentation and drying processes.

fermentation   A controlled fermentation process for a premium cocoa

The Cacao Frais project means that the cocoa beans are fermented and dried in our PACTS centres in the most ideal conditions. They carry out a natural post-harvest process that respects to a T the aromatic development of the cocoa beans. The Cacao Frais programme therefore produces a premium cocoa.

cocoa incomes  Value creation and the farmer’s role

Thanks to this project the farmer now supplies our cooperatives with fresh cocoa beans of a superior quality. In exchange, he receives a bonus that valorises the premium quality and the Rainforest Alliance certification. On top of this sum, the fresh cocoa is purchased at a higher price than that of standard dry cocoa, ensuring an increase of 2 to 3% in income for the farmers.

Agronomy  More time for good farming practice

If someone else is taking care of the post harvest process, the farmer has more time to take care of his plantation and practice good farming practices, transmitted by the PACTS teams. In the long term these methods should ensure an improvement in harvest yields.