Economy, environment and ethics

Corporate social responsibility program cocoa

PACTS is based on the three major axes of sustainable development: economy, environment and social ethics. The programme encourages the economical development of cocoa farming via pre and post harvest innovations. It encourages value creation throughout the Supply Chain. 30,000 people  benefit from the PACTS programme.

Cocoa biodiversity   A new cocoa farming model

Current one-hectare cocoa harvests in Ivory Coast yield approximately 400 kilos of cocoa beans. The PACTS programme aims to increase farm crops and improve the quality of the cocoa beans without actually increasing the planted areas. Via good farming practices PACTS aims to triple cocoa bean harvests, increasing volumes to 1,200 kilos per hectare and restoring 1,000 hectares of plantations.

Farmers  A sustainable cocoa farmers community

PACTS supports 32 Ivorian cooperatives and approximately 16 500 farmers. Practical and theoretical support that structures and professionally develops the farming organisations. By 2015, the number of fermentation and drying centres will have reached 25, ensuring access for more and more cooperatives and farmers to the PACTS programme.

cocoa incomesIncreasing farmers’ incomes

By supporting the farmers and cooperatives, PACTS aims to improve their qualifications and create an added value for their activity. The programme will generate an additional 30% in income for the cooperatives, the farmers adhering to the programme and their families. 

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