Since December 2013, a Presidential Decree drastically restricts the practice of grafting. This situation is changing and it’s possible the grafting will again authorized on conditions that will be strictly supervised by the CCC and can’t be added that from plant material of the CNRA. This operation must be carried out by agents identified and trained by CNRA.

Elite trees

The first stage in improving cocoa tree productivity is to select trees that are likely to produce the best beans and the largest quantities. These elite trees are selected according to their disease resistance and their aromatic potential. The cocoa trees selected for their productive and qualitative properties are the guarantee of an increase in cocoa bean production in Ivory Coast.


PACTS has also created a partnership with the CNRA that supplies them with bud woods

Budding techniques

PACTS gives priority to the biodiversity by using natural budding which stimulates the production of cocoa beans.

The selected vegetable material is grafted to an old, insufficiently producing cocoa tree. This method ensures the transmission of the genetic material of the bud wood to the budded tree thanks to a root system.

After around 18 months, the bud is stronger than the original tree and the latter may be cut down, allowing the bud to take over in its place.

This quick, efficient and natural method requires no specific materials and can be carried out by any cocoa farmer.