The selection of elite trees and budding answers the problems of ageing tree populations, weak disease-resistant trees and the quality and quantity of cocoa produced.

However, re-densification of the plantations requires regular maintenance of the trees.

Regular cleaning of plantations

agronomie-redensifier-nettoyer-plantations copieWith traditional farming methods the farmers have to manage a longer cocoa process, from harvesting through to the drying of the beans, which means they have little or no time to take care of their plantations.

Thanks to the PACTS programme they now have more time to take care of their plantations. The PACTS centre teams teach them how to clean their plantations, which includes weeding and the collection of dead leaves at the foot of the trees. These simple techniques ensure that the trees will not be suffocated by other plants.

Fertilisation with parsimony

agronomie-redensifier-IDH-logoagronomie-redensifier-fertiliserThe PACTS programme encourages the rational use of fertilisers and has signed a Letter of Intent on the use of fertilisers in cocoa farming at the ceremony organised by the IDH November 21st 2012 at the World Cocoa Conference.

PACTS also teaches farmers how and when best to use pesticides, indicating the best season and quantities for an improved cocoa yield.